Woolworths Student Weekend Work

The Woolworths Student Weekend Work is a great opportunity for registered students to make extra income. Check it out here.

Are you enrolled as a student and have you really wanted to work in the retail industry?

Woolworths Student Weekend Jobs may be of interest to you as a source of extra income if you answered yes.

Woolworths have a philosophy that people don’t work for them, they are in fact ‘Woolworths‘. You are the brand.

If you were looking for casual jobs at Woolworths, then join the family anytime by following the instructions we will discuss in this article.


The company has plenty of job opportunities for students who wish to work over the weekend and part-time. Young students who love retail and would like to grow in the business.

The job doesn’t pay well enough to make a living but can boost your CV/resume with experience and help you financially as a student.

It’s proven that CVs with work experience don’t get ignored by managers. In fact, they’ll like you better because you already have the most important skill – working with people.

Applying for Woolworths Student Weekend Work

To get started in joining the Woolworths community, all you need to do is SMS “Student” to 45554 and follow instructions, standard SMS rates apply and will cost you only R1.50.

You must be a full-time registered student over 18 years or older and willing to work weekends, evenings, and holidays.

It may take up to 8 SMSes to complete your application. Your information will be used for recruitment and employment purposes only.

In-store application

Drop off your CV at any of the stores, and it will be forwarded to the head office for processing. Woolworths operates more than 200 stores across the country, it makes it easy to apply however the process may take some time due to the number of factors to be considered.

Online application.

To begin your application, go to www.careers.woolworths.co.za. Fill out the form completely and accurately, and your application will be sent directly to Woolworths’ head office. You’re basically constructing and storing your whole CV with Woolworths when you apply online.

We have also seen Pick n Pay do the same thing, having and allowing old employees to take early retirements and hiring more part-time and student workers.

The idea would obviously be to cut costs and give new opportunities to young professionals.

To find out more about Woolworths careers, please visit www.woolworths.co.za.