Budget Friendly Ways To Save Money On Takeaways

The two best ways you can save money on takeaways in South Africa, on a tight budget.

There is a saying that the better way to save money from takeaways or going out is to have a home-cooked meal or staying at home.

However what if I told you there are many ways to save money on takeaways.

Occasionally we deserve to spoil ourselves and loved ones, but how do we go about when we have a tight budget?

Today I want to show how you can still eat out and save on takeaways.


You can always look for discount vouchers on Hyperli.com, they offer a variety from getaways, beauty, and spa, adventures, and activities to food and drink vouchers.

You can simply go to the website on www.hyperli.com and look for the one that best describes what you looking for.

After you have found what best suits you, simply call or visit the place you wish to go to make a booking and let them know that you will be paying with a voucher.

For example, you could get a choice of burgers with chips for two for R119 or buy a getaway voucher for 2 nights for about R1 500.

Daddy’s Deals

The second to look for is Daddy’s Deals, they also offer great discount vouchers on food, travel, and adventures.

It works the same as Hyperli, you need to make sure you make the bookings or reservations first before hitting the road. As the club daddy member, you could get about 30% off more.

The vouches normally last for 3 months. You can visit their website on www.daddysdeals.co.za.