Universal Branch Codes

Find branch codes for the most popular banks in South Africa. Many banks offer universal branch code options while others don't. We list all the branch codes for each of the banks respectively.

Banking branch codes can be very difficult to find when you urgently want to make a payment.

It gets so frustrating sometimes. Some banking institutions such as FNB have a branch-based code while others use a universal code for all the branches across the country.


… You shouldn’t be stressed out like we did, we’ve collected all the universal branch codes for each bank, so that it would be easier for anyone to find them.

Universal branch codes are very helpful as compared to specific branch code. They give bankers the ability to make transaction without getting stuck with an unknown code.

You can use the code to make a payment into any banking account that was registered at any branch in South Africa.

In fact, the other day I was buying a car from Zwaziland. I had to make a payment right away while the seller waited for their money.

It was a bit of a hassle to find branch code of a foreign banking account. So i used the universal branch code to process the payment.

And guess what – the payment went through instantly.


Here is the universal branch codes for each bank

Name Code
Capitec Bank 470010
FNB 254005
ABSA Bank 632005
Nedbank 198765
Standard Bank 051001
Bank of Athens 410506
Bidvest Bank 462005
Investec Private Bank 580105
SA Post Bank 460005

If you prefer specific branch code, most of the above listed banking institutions have systems in place to help you easily find them.

For example, FNB has a page on their website called “Find a branch“. You can search for a branch by keyword, name or city. Then the system will give you details of that particular branch.

See example below:

Nedbank also has a similar branch locator page. It is very friendly, easy to navigate with a map embedded in the page. With the Nedbank branch locator, you can even search for closest branches near your current location.

My advice would be to use a universal branch code. It’s the best option to make banking transaction. They can be confused with branch-specific codes but most of them easy to remember.