Total Finance Loans

Apply for Total Finance Loans up to R150 000 in 3 easy steps. These loans are cusomised to meet your individual needs and expectations. You can use the money however you want. Get it fast, today.

Total Finance Loans gives you access to quick cash in just 3 easy steps.

If you need a loan quick, Total Finance has a solution for you. A loan that is tailored to meet your financial needs.


The cost of living in South African has just become expensive. Paying for school fees is more challenging than ever before with the VAT increase.

Total Finance understand that, they know people live on loans these days.

Want to know the best part?

There are no No Paper Work, the process is done online, fast.

Blacklisted loan seekers are also welcome to apply.

Here’s more about Total Finance Loans

Total Finance is a loan broker that have partnered with trusted and reputable credit providers in the country. The institution aims at providing solutions to people looking for financial aid.

You could get a Total Finance Loans from R1,500 up to R150,000 at the best possible interest rates. You can pay back the loan within flexible repayment terms between 12 to 60 months.

Total Finance gives you the ability to afford a personal loan in flexible terms. You will be charged a maximum interest rate of 28% as regulated by the National Credit Act.

As indicated above, Total Finance is not a credit provider but rather a loan broker. I’m certain you don’t want to submit your applications to multiple lenders, especially those in remote areas.

Here’s how it works

To get fast cash loan, you need to apply for a loan online on the Total Finance website. Ensure you’ve submitted correct contact details for when they want to get in touch with you.

Choose your preferred credit provider from a list of their partners and wait for their response. The response will be sent in a form of SMS or Email.

You will know whether you qualify for the loan in just few minutes. If you don’t qualify for the amount you were hoping for, an offer will be presented to you for approval.

Once your application is approved, money will be made available to you instantly.

You can spend the funds however you feel fit.


You will need the following to qualify for fast loans

You need to have the following to apply for Total Finance loans:

  • Be over 18 years of age with a valid South African ID
  • Permanently working, earning an income of R3 000 p/m or more
  • Have a bank account in your name
  • Have a working cell phone number

For more information about the Total Finance loans, please visit their website and complete a contact form with your details.

A consultant will get in touch with you for further assistance.