ReaThusa Loans

So, you're looking for a loan, a quick cash loan rather but not sure which lender to trust? ReaThusa loans is worth considering with branches in 9 provinces in South Africa. They offer fast cash, payday loans.

ReaThusa loans is a trusted and most reliable lender that offers flexible loan solutions.

A personal loan customised to your needs paid out within the same day of the application.

So if you’re looking for access to quick cash, ReaThusa is worth considering first. They’ll give an answer within minutes to fasten your application process.

Let’s get started.

About ReaThusa Loans

ReaThusa Loans is a trading name for Speedy Dollar Eight, registered financial services and credit provider. The company is registered and regulated by the National Credit Provider in South Africa.

They operate with branches in all nine (9) provinces of South Africa. If you prefer face to face interactions, you’re welcome to visit the nearest branch for more detailed information.

ReaThusa offer flexible loans to responsible loan seekers. If you know, you’re going to have issues paying back the loan, please don’t even bother because they won’t help you.

Because they’re a responsible lender too. They wouldn’t want to offer you credit, while your credit history doesn’t allow them.

The institution only offers payday loans for a period of a month but you are more than welcome to pay them earlier than that with no penalties.


ReaThusa loans is well aware that people needs financial help at some point in life.

You might have just got paid or received a salary but still run short of cash to meet other financial obligations. You’re certain to receive money next week or at the end of the month but want cash today.

That’s where ReaThusa come in, they will help you with cash when you need it the most.

The best part?

ReaThusa Loans are unsecured loans. You don’t need to put any of your asset as collateral or surety against a loan application. They just want proof that you can afford the amount of loan you’re applying for.

They will give you feedback in just minutes.

What you’ll need to provide to apply

  • Original valid South African ID or Passport.
  • Most recent payslip on an original company letterhead.
  • Three months original bank statements with bank stamp.

Provide the above-mentioned documents and get your cash in minutes.

Spend the money however you want. You can buy grocery for the month, pay for school registration, handle small bills and so on.

ReaThusa Loans Contact Details

If you want more information on how you can qualify for personal loans, please visit the ReaThusa Loans website at and read more.

Complete the online contact form with your details and a consultant will call you back.

Alternatively call them directly on 0861 666-390 to speak to a financial consultant.