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Best ways to make passive income in South Africa

Last Updated: April 9th, 2019
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passive income
passive income

Did you find yourself looking for financial freedom, maybe you just want to pay off your debt faster, or rather you’ve had enough with just one salary income which doesn’t last you until mid-month?


Look no further than some of the passive income ideas we will discuss in this article.

You’re definitely going to love the first idea. Guaranteed.

Passive income is when a person put up a lot of work, time and possible money into an idea so that it can take care of them in the future.

We are not referring to the insurance policies, no, we mean really working on an idea which you believe in and hopefully pays off quicker than expected.

In simple, you will make money in the future with no or little effort to maintain monthly cash flow.

Passive Income Ideas

Below are some of the top common ideas people use to make money every month without actually putting the effort into.

1. Blogging


Individuals and businesses today make a lot of money online with blogging than actually offering services to customers/clients

Basically you create a blog, write relevant and comprehensive content, drive traffic and sell advertising in a form of affiliates.

Most popular affiliate program used in South Africa is Google Adsense, Affiliate Network and AdMarula. Give them a try and enjoy they benefit of extra income each month.

Obviously there’s no company in the world that give away money like that, as discussed the definition of passive income above, you are going to be required to put quite an effort in the beginning.

If you do it right, then blogging will take care of you, your entire life.

2. Invest in properties


This type of passive income opportunity is going to require a lot of capital however if you build up your portfolio right, trust me, the benefit that comes with properties are just priceless.

You can start by buying your first property at an early age however don’t stay in the house, rent it out. A property can only become an investment when it’s giving you returns.

3. Youtube


Many people are actually making money with their own videos. You need to setup your own channel and try have as many subscribers as possible to your channel.

It’s going to obviously take time to build such a channel however if you focus and pay attention to learn about Youtube, you can make a living out of it.

4. Share a ride (e-Hailing)

Join Bolt (formerly Taxify) and Uber.

share-a-ride - Bolt & Uber

If you own a car that is in good condition, join any of the popular e-hailing company,

You’ll earn commission when people share a ride with your car.

You could make between R7 500 and R13 000 per week if you put in a lot of hours and trips.

Register as a driver and start enjoying the experience of e-hailing in South Africa.

You would be one of many who makes extra income in South Africa with Uber and Taxify (now Bolt).

5. Peer to Peer Lending


This is one method that is widely used in South Africa, here you will lend money to individuals struggling to access finances with big institutions such as banks.

You have the ability to choose who to borrow money to, obviously not family because they will always give you issues.

The people you choose to work with will at the end minimize your risks and help you reach more customers.

The way it works is very simple, you borrow me and my friends R500 and we pay you back interest each month, that would basically be your passive income. You can earn up to 8% of your initial lending amount as investment.

6. Network Marketing


There are couple of companies in South Africa that helps people make extra income every month by selling already good quality products.

Businesses such as Avon, Forever Living, Amway and so on, gives people the opportunity to make thousands of rands each month however only the hard-worked get rewarded.

If you invest a lot of time and effort into the opportunity, from whichever company, network marketing can give you all the financial freedom you want, you can work full time from work, on your own terms, flexible hours and so on.