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Last Updated: June 2nd, 2018
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Moola Loans
Moola Loans

Have you just ran out of money? Maybe you’ve asked your friends and family but still no luck. Moola Loans might be just what you are looking for.

Moola helps people with bad credit access to cash when they need it the most.


You know very well that you can’t befriend a bank when considered a bad payer. Maybe you’ve improved your finances now and could really afford a personal loan. Nah, not with banks. Not until your name is cleared.

But don’t stress about it, there are over 6k registered credit providers in South Africa. Some of these institutions are willing to help you, regardless of your credit history.

What’s important is that you qualify today and you can prove your affordability status.

# Learn more about Moola Loans

Moola loans is a loan broker that have partnered with reputable and trusted credit providers. The institution works with leading providers to offer consumers tailored financial solutions.

You have a high chance of getting your application approved through Moola Loans than anywhere in the country. You don’t have to approach each and every lender for cash loan, no, Moola will do that on your behalf.

They will find you best deals, offers that best suit your budget.

Moola Loans offer flexible and quick cash loans at no hidden costs. Before you agree to take on the loan offer, you will know what and how much you will charged for processing your application.

It gets better:

These loans are regulated by the National Credit Act (NCA). Credit providers will never offer you loans at a ridiculous interest rate nor put you in more debt.

You will only get an amount you qualify for.

To qualify for Moola Loans is simple and fast. You can apply online on their website.

Want to know the best part?

Moola Loans are unsecured personal loans, no security is required for the loan. There are no limits as to how much loan you can apply for. You can apply for any loan but get an offer which they believe you can afford.

The NCA encourages credit providers to avoid reckless lending. Institutions like Moola Loans must put customers’ needs and expectations first but only based on good reasons.

Moola Loans payouts are fast, you can get your money same day. Spend the funds however you feel fit – the choice is yours.

Moola Loans Contact Details

Find out more about Moola blacklisted finance by calling 074 123 8235. You will speak to one of their financial assistance for further help.

Otherwise visit the Moola website at www.moolaloans.co.za to read more information.