Loans Under R8000 in South Africa

Qualify for loans under R8000 from popular and trusted lenders in South Africa and handle your emergency situation without stress.

Loans under R8000 are perfect to meet your urgent financial needs and expectations in South Africa.

These are quick loans specifically designed to get you through the month. You’ll repay the personal cash loan on your next salary date or in a maximum of three (3) months – no long-term payments necessary to repay a loan under R8,000.00.

Loan Amount
Absa Express Loan
Est. APR: 30%
Within 6 month(s)
Fasta Instant Credit
Est. APR: 10.5%
Within 3 month(s)
Lime Loans
Est. APR: 25%
Within 1.7 month(s)
Mpowa Finance Loans
Est. APR: 36%
Within 1 month(s)
HomeChoice Loan
Est. APR: 12.5%
Within 16 month(s)

The Benefits

While it’s exciting to apply for payday loans, it, however, has the pros and cons.


The number one benefit you’ll get with loans under R8,000.00 is access to immediate funds.

So you wanted money to handle your emergency situation without any stress and hassle.

The best part?

The loan is unsecured, meaning you’ll qualify for the personal loan with your credit score rating.


Unfortunately, such loans can be offered at a high-interest rate, depending on the lender.

Remember credit providers and banks run for-profit businesses, so they’ll always look at their best interest before yours, the customer.

To lend you R8000, they’ll still need to make a profit for that transaction.

While the National Credit Act encourages lenders to borrow money responsibly, some may take advantage and charge the maximum rates allowed in the country.

Calculate Repayment

Est. Installments


Lenders will also charge you loan initiation fees of up to 16%, and monthly service fees.

And this will add up to your total loan, so you want to consider all the costs when calculating repayment.

Can You Pay Off The Loan Early?

Yes, absolutely!

You know, sometimes, you may have additional cash that can help you settle the personal loan early.

This however depends on lenders, some may penalize you by charging a fee to your total debt.

The best way to go about this is to communicate your plans with the lender to better understand your position.

What are the Requirements for Loans Under R8000?

Personal loan requirements vary between lenders in South Africa.

However, the most important requirements for applying for any unsecured loans are your credit score rating, payment history, and proof of income.

You must also be a responsible adult over 18-years old.