How To Apply For Hollard Loans And Get The Lowest Possible Interest Rate

Apply for the Hollard Loans today and get paid today. Get the loan at flexible repayment terms and fixed interest rates.

Get a quick Hollard loan and manage your short-term unexpected expenses.

With the Hollard Money loan, you could qualify for a personalized credit of up to R8 000.

Hollard is a specialist in insurance products, popular known for life, funeral, car, home, and travel insurance.

Without wasting your time, let’s get started.

Getting The Hollard Loan

With Hollard Loans, you can qualify for a customized credit up to R8 000 and maybe more – within flexible repayment terms of your choice.

It’s a short-term loan offered at the most affordable interest rate regulated by the National Credit Act.

The Hollard personal loan is unsecured, you don’t need to provide any collateral against your loan application.

Hollard loan is provided based on whether you’ll be able to afford to pay it back. You’ll get a personalised interest rate depending on your credit ratings.

To secure your loan, you only need to provide accurate information about yourself so the application process could be as honest as possible.

Once your application is processed and approved successfully, funds will be made available to you for use within 24 hours.

You can spend the money however you please.

You can consolidate all your debt, manage medical or legal expenses, fix your car, renovate your home, go on holidays, pay for school fees and many other important things.

Hollard Money Loan Requirements

To qualify for a loan, you need to be/have:

  • Over 18 years with valid identification book or card
  • Permanently employed with recent payslips
  • Bank account in your name – latest banking statements
  • Proof of residential address

When you apply for the Hollard personal loan, you will get insurance from Hollard to protect you in case you’re struggling to pay back the money.

Contact Details

visit for more detailed information about Hollard Money Loans.

Or give them a call on 0861 000 107 and speak to a trained and friendly-financial consultant.

Alternatively, walk in any of the Hollard branches near you and get assisted.