FNB eWallet Reversal – The Quickest Way To Get Your Money Back!


The best and most cost-effective way to reverse FNB eWallet.

FNB eWallet Reversal

Sending money with the FNB eWallet is very simple and your family/friend will get the much-needed cash and withdraw instantly – anytime.

But what happens when you’ve sent the eWallet payment to the wrong cellphone number?

With FNB being a leading innovative bank in the country, the ewallet reversal easy and quick for your peace of mind.

Let’s get started.

How To Reverse The FNB eWallet Payment

The best way to reverse your eWallet in case you’ve transferred to the wrong recipient is via cellphone banking.

It’s by far, the only affordable option to reverse the eWallet transaction.

Here are the easy steps on how you can do it – do not panic:

Follow the same steps you’d use to send the eWallet.

Access your FNB cellphone banking by dialing *120*321# on your phone;

Enter pin to access the banking services;

Choose Send Money (Option 4) and then next;

Choose eWallet reversal (Option 3) and the next;

The next screen will list for you the ewallet amount you’re trying to reverse or stop.

And then, you would need to advise the reason to reverse the payment, perhaps it’s a fraud or sent to the wrong number.

And you’re done.

Now you wait for the reversal to be processed and actually paid back into your banking account.

By actioning the above-mentioned steps, you’re flagging the transaction so that the wrong recipient doesn’t withdraw the money.

FNB will also immediately begin investigating the transaction and stop the withdrawal of the money while processing your request to reverse the eWallet payment.

The Second Option

Alternatively, you could contact the FNB eWallet call centre on 087 575 9405 and request a reversal.

This process is a bit frustrating, considering the bank receives a large volume of phone calls and you might wait a bit to be assisted. You’ll lose money on the call as compared to using the USSD method above which will cost you not more than R3.

But it’s your call – whichever method works best for you and can get your back fast.

How Much Does It Cost?

FNB charges a flat fee of R13.95 for ewallet reversals.

At least that’s what they say. However, customers claim to have been charged different amounts for reversing the ewallet payment.

Other customers claim FNB had charged them a fee of R50.00 for the reversal. Though they don’t guarantee money back during the process.

How Long Does It Take?

Unfortunately, the reversal is not instant, FNB would need some time to process the request. They would need to verify and validate your request.

FNB takes about 14 business working days to process any wrongful payment.

And the bank doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the money back and if successful, they’ll charge a reversal fee.

Take Precautions

Before pressing that send button, whether it’s on the app, online or cellphone banking, always double-check and confirm the recipient’s number. This is the actual account for the person you’re sending the money to, get it wrong, they won’t receive the money.

Read more about the FNB eWallet at www.fnb.co.za.