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Capfin Loans

Last Updated: August 6th, 2019
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Capfin Loans

Capfin loans are customized personal loans up to R50 000 with many benefits.

In fact, Capfin is the most trusted and reliable unsecured loans provider in South Africa.

The best part?

The Capfin loans calculator helps you better understand your loan application before-hand.

Let’s get started.

Here’s more about Capfin loans

Capfin is a financial services company registered in 2010 with a vision to provide customers with affordable personal loans.

The company offers innovative ways to apply for short term loans.

They believe there many ways a person can apply for a loan as compared to the old ways through the banking system.

With Capfin, you can easily get your cash loan in just a few minutes.

Capfin Loan Types

As indicated above, Capfin offers loans up to R50 000 but not everyone qualifies for such amount.

So, the company categorized loan products for user’s convenience.

Using the loan calculator, you’ll apply for the different amount for different terms.

Example, a loan for:

  • R1 000 to R8 000 loan: Over 6 months
  • R8 000 to R50 000 loan: Over 12 months
  • R8 000 to R50 000 loan: Over 24 months

These loan types are designed by financial experts with customers at heart. Capfin loans are tailored to meet customer’s needs and financial expectations.

Capfin loans have been around for a while now, hence they provide affordable loans. You’ll get the loan at the best possible interest rate depending on your credit rating.

Which leads us to…

Apply for Capfin loan

Capfin offer innovative ways to apply for personal loans.

Take your ID book and latest pay slips or banking statement to either PEP or Ackermans. The cashiers at the respective stores will help you with the loan application.

It takes a few minutes to process, and you should receive an SMS about the status of your application.

Checkout this “How to apply” video:

Caption: Capfin Video taken from their website (www.capfin.co.za)

If you prefer making your application online, that’s not a problem with Capfin.

Visit the website and register an account there. Use the Capfin loan calculator on the home page to determine your loan amount and terms.

The calculator is very cool. It will show you total costs of your loan application, before you could apply.

You will know how much would be your monthly installment for the term of the Capfin loan, at what interest rate.

Just so you know, Capfin is a fully compliant of the National Credit Act.

To find out more about Capfin loans, please contact 087 354 0000 and speak to a consultant.

They have the most friendliest consultants in the world. They will offer financial advice and tips, for free, to help you make the right decision in your application.

Alternatively visit the Capfin website at www.capfin.co.za to read more information.