Bayport Loans

Want more from a personal loan? Apply for Bayport Loans up to R150 000 at a fixed rate. It's quite easy to apply for a Bayport personal loan with the simple online loan application process and personalised service.

Want more from a personal loan? Bayport Loans might be just what you’ve been looking for.


Because these loans are offered Bayport Financial Services (BFS), South Africa’s leading financial solutions provider.

Established in 2004, you can be certain to receive a 5-star service. They’ve accumulated a wealth of experience to provide personalised credit that people love.

The best part?

You can get up to R150 000 of personal loan, today, fast.

More about Bayport Loans

BFS offer a wide range of benefits with their online loans.

As mentioned above, you can apply for a cash loan up to R150 000. Pay back the loan within flexible repayment terms of sixty (60) months.

These loans are offered at a fixed rate. This means you will pay the same monthly installment until you finish the loan.


Bayport loans were designed to meet individual needs and financial expectations. It goes without saying that, people nowadays rely mostly on credit to live the lifestyle they deserve.

And as it turns out, BFS understand that. Hence, they’re willing to play part in the journey to improving your lifestyle.

With that kind of money, I mean R150k is a lot of money to borrow. We like to advise our readers that they must only take credit when it’s absolutely necessary.

Here’s how to apply:

Applying for Bayport loans is easy with online loan application. Visit the BFS website and use the loan calculator to begin your application process.

Use the sliders to choose the amount you wish to apply for and for how long. Before you click on the apply now button, the calculator will instantly display your loan breakdown.

You will know how much your monthly installment would be, your total principle debt and final repayment month.


You’re going to need to provide documents to support your application. When you apply for Bayport Loans, you agree with their terms and tell them, you’re a responsible adult.

  1. A clear copy of your ID
  2. Recent banking statements
  3. Recent copies of your payslip

The process only takes a few minutes.

BFS will perform credit checks and affordability assessments on your behalf. They will let you know how much you qualify for, instantly.

Once your application is processed and approved, funds will be made available to you immediately.

You can spend the money however you feel fit. Be responsible as well.

You can consolidate debts, pay for education, fix or buy a car, renovate your home and so on.

Want more info?

For more information about Bayport loans, kindly call 087 287 4000 and speak to a consultant.

Or visit their website and complete the online contact form with your personal details and a consultant will call you back.