Ackermans Loans

Apply for Ackermans Loans at the store, get approved, and paid the same day. Calculate monthly installment to better manage your financial future.

Ackermans Loans are basically Capfin loans offered conveniently at any Ackermans retail store.

This means you’re applying for the Capfin loan, a leading microcredit provider in South Africa. They offer quick and easiest ways of getting cash loans when you need them the most.

This is a great opportunity for people who don’t like those long queues at the banks. Ackermans has over 400 retail outlets across the nation, so you can be sure to get instant loans – without a waiting period.

How it Works

To apply for Capfin loan at Ackermans, simply take your ID and 3 latest pay slips or 3 latest bank statements to the cashier.

You do not need to provide any other document at this point, Capfin is just trying to understand your financial background.

The process doesn’t even take more than 5 minutes. They will perform necessary checks before giving you a loan offer.

You will then get an approval notification via SMS. Should you qualify for Ackermans loans, a consultant will call you to complete the loan application.

The following will be discussed with you:

  • Capfin is going to confirm that you’re permanently employed and have a banking account in your name.
  • If yes, the will give a loan offer.
  • They will perform the affordability assessment to ensure you’ll be able to afford monthly installments.
  • They will read you a National Credit Act Compliant Pre-Agreement Quotation and Loan Agreement.

The moment your application is successful, money will be deposited directly into your bank account instantly.

Calculate Monthly Repayment

Est. Installments


The above calculations exclude the loan initiation fee and monthly account management fees. However everything will be documented in your loan contract, so before you sign it, ensure you understand every detail.

You Can Also Apply Online

Remember, Capfin aims to provide easy and fast cash loans. They understand you need cash as in today.

So, you can begin your application online – as well. Capfin processes more of online applications compared to the in-store applications.

Visit and use the Capfin loan calculator. Use the sliders to choose your desired loan amount and terms of your choice.

The system will display to you all the estimated fees associated with your loan application.

Once your application is submitted, the same process as discussed above will be actioned.

Wait 5 minutes for approval and Capfin will contact you back to complete the application.

It’s that simple to apply for Capfin Ackermans Loans.

Contact Details

For more information about Ackermans and Capfin Loans, contact call centre on 087 354 0000.

Alternatively, read more on the