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Last Updated: June 21st, 2018
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5min Loans SA

Looking for urgent cash loan that best suits your financial situation right now?

5min Loans SA is an authorised loan broker that works with multiple registered credit providers to find you the best deal.

With 5min Loans, you will be able to access multiple loans at just one loan application – we’ll show you how.

Here’s more about 5min Loans SA

5min Loans SA gives you countless options to choose a cash loan designed just to meet your needs.

As mentioned above, 5min Loans is a loan broker – what does it mean?

Here’s a simple definition…

…A loan broker is a company that acts as an intermediary between a loan seeker and provider. 5min Loans SA will arrange a loan on behalf of a person for a small service free.

Basically, they will submit your application to top credit providers and legal lenders to see if anyone is willing to lend you money.

Again, this mean anyone who qualify for the loan can apply.

Blacklisted or not, there are credit providers willing to help people who have bad credit history.

The best part?

The service operates 24/7. You can apply for a loan anytime, anywhere, at the comfort of your own space.

5min Loans SA will find a solution for you, if you look for any of the following:

A loan will be calculated based on your personal risk and credit profile.

Applying for 5min Loans SA is super easy, it can literally take you about 10 minutes to complete your loan application.

Here’s how you can apply

5min Loans only accept online loan applications.

To apply for urgent cash loans, simply visit the 5min Loans website and begin your application by completing the online form.

Once your application is submitted, you will receive instant approval. You will know if you qualify immediately.

Get offers and compare charges and rates.

Accept an offer that best suits you and get fast cash. Money will be deposited directly into your account immediately.

Use the money to pay for education fees, renovate your home and other important stuff.

Get in touch with 5min Loans SA

You can get more information about loan products on their website at www.5min-loanssa.co.za.

Otherwise, kindly call them on 081 530 3090 for financial advice.