1Life Personal Loan

Make use of the easy online process to apply for 1Life Personal Loan up to R150 000. Use the 1Life loan calculator to estimate monthly installments.

1Life Personal Loan is a tailor-made credit solution up to R150 000 within flexible repayment terms.

Whatever you’re dreaming of today, 1Life loan could be the answer to all your financial problems.

I know, 1Life is well known for insurance product offerings however they’re also an authorized credited provider.

Why choose 1Life Personal Loan

1Life offers personalised credit, convenient for use of anything. Perhaps you wanted to consolidate your debts into one central personal loan.

1Life gives you up to R150 000 worth of the personal loan. Depending on your credit rating, these loans are ideal for long term financial commitments.

A personal loan can be repaid within flexible terms of up to 60 months. Repayment terms will be fixed for the entire period of your loan.

1Life promises you competitive interest rates. You’re guaranteed an affordable monthly installment with 1Life Personal Loan.

As a trusted lender, there will be no hidden fees and unnecessary paperwork processing. Everything will be explained to you before processing your loan.


Because 1Life Personal Loan is managed by Direct Axis. One of South Africa’s top financial services provider.

Just so you know…

1Life operates its businesses in full compliance with the National Credit Act. The act regulates and protects both parties (1Life and Consumer) during a loan agreement.

Necessary checks will be conducted to avoid the reckless lending of cash loans. As a customer/client, you will be given a loan amount that you can afford to pay back. A loan that is convenient for your current financial standing.

This also means, when applying, you need to provide 1Life with correct information.

What you’ll need to apply

To qualify for 1Life Personal Loan, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be South Africa over 18 years
  • Clear credit references
  • Permanently employed earning a minimum of R2,000.00
  • Details of the bank account into which your salary is paid
  • Proof of residential address

1Life together with Direct Axis will use the information provided above to determine the right amount for you. An affordability assessment will be conducted as well for your convenience.

Should everything go well with your loan application, funds will be made available to you the same day.

Spend the money however you wish, and make your dreams become a reality.

Calculate Repayment

Est. Installments


The above calculation excludes a once off initiation fee of R1,207.00 and monthly admin fee of R69.00 (69 * 60 = R4,140.00) that’ll affect your monthly installments.

Getting The loan

The application process for 1Life Personal Loan is very simple and done online. Simply visit www.1life.co.za and click on the “apply now” button to begin the application.

Complete the form with your details and a consultant will contact you back to complete the application.


Before you apply, I would suggest you use the 1life loan calculator to estimate your monthly installment for the loan.

When you’re happy with the repayment estimate, you can then proceed with the application.

For more detailed information about 1Life Personal Loan, kindly contact 0860 10 53 40 and speak to a financial consultant.

Consultants will offer you the information you need and more such as financial advice and so on.